Established in 2012, PCDC is now working with many public and private, nonprofit development initiatives all over the country including NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Media Associations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives, Public Sector Development Programs and bilateral/multilateral development projects.


ServicesPCDC is offering the most innovative and widest range of socio-technological communication solutions to NGOs in Pakistan. We are opting for all means of communication – traditional to technological – we are employing every communication tool and tactic for enhanced learning and impact. We believe in networking, hence all services are offered through an amazing network of communication experts and organizations. From strategic communication planners to documentary script writers, animators to commentators, trainers to graphic designers – we have all under our umbrella. Contact us now and see how conveniently we offer a solution to your communication needs.


OurĀ mission is to strengthen nonprofits organizations through localized, knowledge-based communication products and services.


We are supporting nonprofits to achieve following objectives.

  • Effective organizational communication planning and implementation
  • Greater organizational recognition and visibility
  • Increased financial, intellectual and social resources
  • Strengthened transparency and accountability systems
  • More knowledge management and learning through increased documentation
  • Expanded outreach through partnerships and networking