Established in 2012, PCDC is now working with many public and private, nonprofit development initiatives all over the country including NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Media Associations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives, Public Sector Development Programs and bilateral/multilateral development projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen nonprofits organizations through localized, knowledge-based communication products and services.


  • Effective organizational communication planning and implementation
  • Greater organizational recognition and visibility
  • Increased financial, intellectual and social resources
  • Strengthened transparency and accountability systems
  • More knowledge management and learning through increased documentation
  • Expanded outreach through partnerships and networking

Our Services

We are providing the most innovative and widest range of socio-technological communication solutions to NGOs in Pakistan. Our members are connected through a vast network of dynamic non-profit organizations that spans all budget sizes, geographic regions and human development activity. PCDC draws upon the expertise and knowledge of this network to inform, promote, connect and strengthen both organizations and experts. Hence, as our member, you will gain access to a variety of benefits that will help to;
– Stay informed about new funding and growth opportunities, trends and issues
– Save time and money to find new funds and linkages
– Network with other members to improve visibility
– Learn from local research and enhance effectiveness
– Advocate for your cause to benefit communities; and
– improve communication effectiveness of your organization for greater sustainability
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Director’s Message

So far, this has been a busy year. Since January, we have welcomed almost thirty thousand visitors from 116 countries on our website. More than 12, 000 people have already liked us on Facebook. Another two thousand professionals joined at Linkedin. The number of emails, phone calls, SMS also go in thousands. We are grateful to everyone who expressed confidence and wished to join us. PCDC is growing. Thanks to the tremendous support from member NGOs, socially responsible Corporates, government departments, communication experts, communities, journalists, and volunteers, we are now present and working in all parts of Pakistan. Members are finding PCDC helpful for organizational communication capacity development, fundraising, visibility & outreach, linkages development, knowledge management and impact assessments. We are grateful to all friends and well wishers for supporting this pioneering initiative. You are most welcome to join us too. Let us add some magic of communication in your work and witness the change! – Aftab Iqbal