100+ Donors - Millions of Dollars Funding

A must-have resource for all nonprofit leaders and managers in Pakistan who wish to strategize their fund-raising through effective linkages with donor agencies and other resource providers.

Raise More Funds for Your Cause

Do You Know that there are more than 100,000 NGOs in Pakistan!

Due to this rapid expansion in past 20 years, many NGOs are finding it difficult to mobilize financial resources to sustain. 

On the other hand, international funding is falling. Donors are changing  priorities and asking for more value against their support from NGOs. The situation has put added pressures on NGOs to remain extra prepared, vigilant and quick to successfully tap each funding opportunity.

Strategize Your Fund Raising

This Directory provides useful insight and information to nonprofit leaders and managers for strategic resource planning and fund-raising.

You can find information about One Hundred multilateral, bilateral, international and local funding organizations that are providing financial and technical support to various development initiatives.

It gives you an authoritative glimpse of their thematic priorities, geographic presence, current activities and future plans.

What's in The Directory

Name of the Organization

Complete postal addresses


Phone & Fax Numbers


Social Media Pages

Thematic Areas for Support

Geographic Presence

Funding Cycle

And Much More!

Price: 5000 Rupees + Parcel & Postage

Available in print format only - PCDC organizational members are eligible to apply.

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