PCDC is offering the most innovative and widest range of socio-technological communication solutions to NGOs in Pakistan. Infact, we are the only organization that is offering a holistic bouquet of services including training and capacity building, organizational communication systems development, communication products development and linkages of communication-centred actors working as catalysts for social and economic change.

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Communication Services

Self-Assess Your Organizational Health to Raise Funds

Answer all questions frankly and you will know within minutes about the health status of your fundraising systems. Results are shown at the end of this assessment.

Buy Now - Largest Collection of Policies & Procedures for NGOs

The ‘Manual of 100+ Policies and Procedures for NGOs’ is the largest & most comprehensive collection of everyday policies & procedures for every type of NGO, Social Welfare Organization, Arts/Culture/Sports Association, CSR Initiative, Charitable Institution,  Donor-Funded Project & CBO/VO/WO/LSO etc. This compendium of policies & procedures is absolutely essential for your organization to enhance internal management systems & regulatory compliance; as well as improve institutional impact, efficiency, and fundraising capability for greater sustainability.