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Organizational Members


Lahore University of Management Sciences


National Disability Forum (NDF)

Jinnah Welfare Society (JWS)

Community Awareness Organization – Balochistan

Don Bosco Welfare Trust

Women Media Center (WMC)

Senior Citizens Forum – Islamabad

Sindhi Women Association

Naqsheen – Women Entrepreneurs Network


Sunshine Welfare Organization

Pen & Books Society

Professional Development Forum


Working Partners



British Council



The Indus Hospital

Aga Khan Foundation – Pakistan

S&P Global

OrientMcCann Advertising

Monthly Atraaf – Pakistan

Azad Theater

Pakistan Coalition for Education

Center for Peace, Development & Reform

Social Policy Development Center

Oxfam Pakistan

Hum Awaz Radio Network

Pakistan Business Machines

Girls Tehreek Pakistan

Samaj Development Foundation

UNDP – Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Project

Pakistan-US Alumni Network

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We are pleased to announce, organizational membership of ‘National Disability and Development Forum’.

On behalf of the PCDC team, network members and communities across Pakistan, we extend our heartiest welcome to the new fellows.


Almost a decade ago, young group of committed social development leaders began its journey with little resources in their hands but big dreams in their eyes of a better world, particularly for those who are living with disabilities. Soon their efforts took the shape of ‘Nawabshah Disability Forum’ (NDF) that later on expanded itself into the ‘National Disability and Development Forum’.

The Impact

In the past ten years, NDF has grown itself into an effective organization. Now hundreds of people with/without disabilities are benefiting from NDF’s services by accessing free-of-cost rehabilitation, capacity building and empowerment services. Many of them have joined the mainstream workforce as productive member of the society.

NDF has successfully implemented several pioneering projects, primarily in the Sindh province, with financial and technical support from the Government of Sindh, USAID, IUCN, Handicap International, US Embassy, UNICEF, UNESCO, Focus Pakistan, Plan Pakistan, Abilis Foundation Finland and LEAD Pakistan.

Pioneering Initiative for PWDs

These days, NDF is partnering with the Government of Sindh through its “NDF-CDP Rehab Center” for Intellectual Disabilities in Shaheed Benazirabad”. The 20-million PKR project will provide regular services to one hundred children with intellectual disabilities in its first phase. These services include provision of life therapies like Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. NDF is also establishing a state-of-the-art residential facility in Shaheed Benazirabad to offer improved care and rehabilitation services to children with intellectual disabilities. This would be the first facility of its kind in the area that would benefit hundreds of needy families who cannot meet the expenses of such therapies.

In another development, NDF is developing employability skills of fifteen local youth that are faced with disability challenges. Under this project, NDF will improve their English language and Information Technology skills, so that they could gain decent jobs and live an independent life.

Participation in Networks

NDF is part of several national level networks and citizen-led groups, where it is highlighting the situation of disabled people in the society and offering practical solutions. The organization envisions promotion of an inclusive & accessible society in which everybody including poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities have equal opportunities and facilities.

The Bright Future

Under its visionary leadership, committed volunteers and growing support from local and international partners, we believe that NDF has a bright future ahead.

PCDC will continue to provide communication support to this noble effort through on-site and distance-communication initiatives, so that more lives could be changed for good!


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