PCDC is offering several exciting services to its member organizations and individual associates. Take a look at the benefits and join us

Training Discounts


Organizational members will get huge discounts on training offered by PCDC. Many members get back in discounts, more than what they pay for membership in a year.

Proposal Support


We are providing expert advice to member organizations for proposal writing on various grants and funding opportunities. Members will get priority support and discounts on fee for proposal development.

Publications Development


PCDC is offering professional expertise to organizational members for conceptualization, development and dissemination of publications. This includes writing, editing, design and layout, printing, packaging, dispatch and launching of publications. We are providing one-stop solution to all your publication and printing needs for books, reports, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, posters, stickers, banners and every type of product.

Information Access


Members will get complete access to information announcements and databases made available through our website. They can also buy directories and use other services.

Strategy Development


Members can get high quality technical assistance and resources for development of their organizational communication strategy, policies and systems.

Websites & Social Media


Members can ask for priority support to develop or upgrade their website and social media pages. We can bring in more visitors for your website, help in establishing new linkages and enhance support from around the world.

Media Management


Organizational members can benefit from the vast network of journalists and media organizations that are linked with PCDC. They can ask for support in media campaigns design, press releases preparation and dissemination, help in organizing press briefings, media visits, and media appearances planning.

Advocacy Campaigns


Successful advocacy is actually successful communication. Our members can get support for development and implementation of their project advocacy campaigns.



Gifts and give-aways require special sense of purpose and cost-effectiveness to carry forward your message to those that really matter. Contact us to get innovative ideas and economical rates for these items

Documentary Development


Bring extra-impact to your documentaries by calling in our team of expert writers, researchers, professional camera-graphers and producers, special effects makers and sound editors. We are producing high quality research materials to support scripts, shooting plans, questionnaires and all that is needed for a visually thrilling experience.


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By joining our network of communication-focused organizations, you immediately get access to invaluable resources, linkages, insights and connections across Pakistan. You can participate in other member’s events, ask for support in projects, invite expertise or even benefit from their field experiences. Membership of this network will increase your organization’s profile and open up new windows of growth.

Radio & TV Programmes


PCDC is supporting member organizations to utilize airwaves in best professional manner possible. Call us for all your needs in design and relay of Public Service Announcements (PSAs), Features, Discussion Programs, Interviews, News Broadcast or any other need. We can give you outreach all over the world in some of the most exciting rates possible.

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