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If you are working in the field of development communication either as an individual expert or agency, then you are welcome to join our Network of Development Communication Experts.

Aims & Objectives

The Network aims to promote linkages between development communication experts and service providers in Pakistan. The objectives are to;

  • Share information about career and growth opportunities among members
  • Facilitate exchange of ideas and skills
  • Conduct research
  • Organize Events and
  • Publish useful publications


Membership is free and open to development communication experts from all sectors including;

  • Funding Agencies
  • International & Pakistani NGOs, Foundations, Trusts, Charity Groups and Networks of NGOs
  • Development Projects
  • Government Organizations
  • Business Entities
  • Consulting Firms
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

How to Apply?


Please fill out the membership application form below to become a member of this exciting network of communication experts.

DevComm Network Membership Application Form

Plz tell us about your organization
How Many Years of Experience Do You Have in DevComm?
plz share if you have conducted any research, reports or analysis on DevComm topics
plz share if you have any publications, articles, documentaries, websites, journals or any other title in your name.
plz share details of awards that you have received or any other appreciation of your work