Your Organization’s Own Policies & Procedures

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Enhance Organizational Efficiency & Sustainability

Well-written policies and procedures facilitate employees to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits. Basically, policies and procedures allow management to guide operations without constant management intervention. And constant intervention equates to increase operating expenses that ultimately detract from your organization’s sustainability.

That is why, around the world, donors are giving more funds to NGOs with written policies and procedures. 99% NGOs fail to impress funding agencies because they do not have formal systems and documentation. Having unwritten policies and procedures is the number one reason for disqualification of NGOs by donors.

Keeping in view of the growing need, PCDC has developed this wonderful ‘Policies and Procedures Compendium for NGOs’. There are more than One Hundred templates and forms to meet your diversified needs. It is the most comprehensive and cost-effective policy resource that can contribute in strengthening operations and activities of your organization, so conveniently. Take a look below at what is being assembled for you.

List of Organizational Policies & Procedures

Human Resource Policy


  • Mission /Vision, Equal Opportunity, Organizational Background, Activities, Introduction to HR Policy, Organogram, Offices
  • Organizational Code of Conduct
  • Recruitment Policy (Initial requests, Advertising, Internal candidates, Recruitment process)
  • Contracts (Employment/Service/Consultancy Contracts, Contract modification, Probation, Confirmation, Award of Contracts)
  • Remuneration (Salaries, Salary Grid, Salary advance, Overtime work, Annual salary review)
  • Benefits (Annual Leave, Sick leave, Maternity leave, Paternity leave, Compassionate leave, Study leave, Leave without Pay, Holiday bonuses, Death grant)
  • Personnel Policies (Organization and employee responsibilities, Transfers and Postings, Working schedule, Performance Evaluation, Attendance management, Confidentiality, Dress Code, Outside Employment, Employee Records, Exit Interview, Identification Card, Internal Mobility, Resignation, Termination, Retirement)
  • Grievance Settlement Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Fault Tolerance Policy
  • Administrative Access Policy
  • Staff Training Policy

Organizational Communication Policy


  • Website and Social Media Policy
  • Media Relations Policy
  • Internal Communications Policy
  • Organizational Graphic & Branding Standards
  • Knowledge Management Policy
  • Information Disclosure/Transparency Policy
  • Print Service Policy
  • Communication Matrix

Information Technology Policy


  • Computer Hardware/Software Purchase and Deployment Policy
  • Disaster Recovery Policy
  • Disk Space Quota Policy
  • Email Policy
  • Hardware Service Policy
  • Help Desk Policy
  • Internet Usage Policy
  • Software Purchase and Deployment Policy
  • Software Service Policy 
  • User Privileges Policy

Governance Policy


  • Structure of BoD
  • Tenure
  • Responsibilities of BoD
  • Selection of BoD
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Privileges
  • Evaluation
  • Termination Procedure

More Policies for NGOs

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Security Policy

Gender Equality Policy

Finance Policy

Internal Audit & Compliance Policy

Procurement Policy

Environment Conservation Policy

Inventory Policy

Organizational Evaluation Templates

Performance Evaluation Templates

Board Effectiveness Evaluation Template

Individual Board Member Performance Evaluation Template

Board Meetings Evaluation Template

Staff Performance Evaluation Template

Prospective Board Member Evaluation Sheet

Planning Templates

New Initiatives & Work Planning

Human Resource Planning Template

Staff Target Setting Template

Program Log Frame Template

Official Forms & Templates

Documents to Enhance Efficiency, Standardization & Coordination

Staff Clearance Form

Staff Compensation Adjustment Form

Employee Grievance Form

Confirmation of Resignation Template

Job Applicant Evaluation Form

Job Description Form

Workflow Diagram Template

Sample Organizational Values

Time Sheet Template

Staff Training Needs Assessment Template

Reference Check Form

Notice of Termination due to Poor Performance

Leave Application Form

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