PCDC is offering the most innovative and widest range of socio-technological communication solutions to NGOs in Pakistan. Infact, we are the only organization that is offering a holistic bouquet of services including training and capacity building, organizational communication systems development, communication products development and linkages of communication-centred actors working as catalysts for social and economic change.

So take a look at our long list of communication services and decide how we can contribute to making your organizations’ communication more effective.


Information Portal

PCDC is running the biggest, most comprehensive information portal for NGOs and civil society organizations in Pakistan. It is offering a unique wealth of information and advice about development sector including; new funding announcements, jobs opportunities, training and workshops, scholarships and fellowships, EoIs for consultants,  business opportunities within NGOs, addresses of donors and NGOs, sectoral analysis and practical guidance etc.

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To enhance networking, the Centre has developed following six directories for NGOs in Pakistan.

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Branding for NGOs

PCDC is offering a complete package for Branding and Promotion of NGOs. Contact us if you are interested in having a branding plan of your organization.

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Project Proposals Development & Fundraising Support for NGOs

PCDC is offering support to its member organizations in writing PROPOSALS and PROGRESS REPORTS for projects. Organizations may also benefit from the vast collection of sample proposals on almost every area of development activity. These proposals are available on PCDC website, from where they can be downloaded. Join us now and benefit from this important support.

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Develop Your Organizational Editorial Calendar

The ‘Organizational Editorial Calendar’ is a simple yet effective tool that gives you the power to think and plan, well in advance – your next year’s organizational communication activities.

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Are You Ready for Fundraising?

It is not easy to mobilize funds for NGOs now. A lot of planning, preparation and followup is required to convince donors for funding. Here is a quick shot self-assessment tool for your organization, developed by PCDC, to evaluate how ready you are to raise funds. Check out if you are all set to hit the jackpot. Answer all questions frankly to see how near or far your are from the aim. Results are shown at the end of this assessment.

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Business Opportunities in NGOs

NGOs in Pakistan are offering exciting business opportunites. Check out this page for latest announcements.

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Communication Training

PCDC is pleased to introduce – Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Development Communication Training Workshops for NGOs and non-profit organizations. Being first in Pakistan – the DIY Training – is an advanced, highly innovative and effective capacity building approach for imparting knowledge to learners by giving them the power to do it themselves. Click Here to learn more about our training packages.

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Websites for NGOs

PCDC is providing high-quality services to its members for attractive and user-friendly websites. This includes Website Plan Development, Budget Making, Needs Assessment, Content Development, Graphic Design, and Pictures, and Hosting and Management.

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Documentaries for NGOs

PCDC specializes in crafting powerful documentaries and non-profit videos that have a significant impact. We produce documentaries for a wide range of non-profit clients, as well as independent films for national broadcast media. With the creative mantra “show don’t tell” at the core of our process, we combine stunning visuals and immersive sound with universal human stories.

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Organizational Policies & Procedures Manual for NGOs

PCDC is providing support to NGOs, Foundations, Nonprofit Companies, Trusts, Charity Organizations, Professional Associations, Unions and Networks of Community Organizations to develop international standard organizational policies and procedures.

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IEC Materials Development for NGOs

PCDC has developed ‘Information, Education and Communication’ (IEC) materials for many groundbreaking campaigns. We have designed campaign materials including posters, banners, brochures, pamphlets, radio messages, theater scripts and many other products to maximize the impact of behavior-change-communication (BCC) initiatives. Contact us if you need professional support.

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Organizational Communication Scorecard

Designed to make you think about communication in a different way, this innovative self-assessment tool can provide you a comprehensive status-check for communication within your organization.

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Communication for School Safety Training

Communication can play an important role in addressing these risks by bridging information, skills and motivational gaps. That is why, PCDC has designed this training workshop to engage all stakeholders and sensitize them about safety and security concerns of children at schools.

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Event Planning & Management Support

With immaculate event planning and management skills, PCDC has been able to organize numerous successful launches, conferences, conventions, dialogues, meetings, and other events for its member organizations.

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Translation Services for NGOs

Get High quality translations of your communication products.

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Network of Dev-Comm Experts

This unique network is supporting development communication experts and service providers to share information about career and growth opportunities among members, facilitate the exchange of ideas and skills, conduct research, organize events; and develop useful publications.

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IT Support for NGOs

PCDC is pleased to announce partnership with ‘Business Office Solutions (Pvt) Ltd’ for specialized IT and office equipment support. Our members can purchase computers and other IT-based products on special discounts and warranties.

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Young Graduates Communication Training Program

For success in life, effective communication skills are extremely important. Particularly for young graduates, who are looking for a job, or an opportunity to prove their merits. Join us to understand how you can develop your communication skills to gain maximum advantage in this increasingly competitive world.

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Radio & TV Programs for NGOs

PCDC is supporting its member organizations in developing RADIO and TV PROGRAMS as part of their projects. That includes Research on Themes, Concept Planning, Script Writing, Program Development, Budget Planning, Marketing and Promotion of Program, and Impact Assessments. Contact Us for more information.

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Media Relations Strategy for NGOs

PCDC enjoys a lot of respect and recognition within media/journalists community in Pakistan. We are undertaking several activities in collaboration with media/journalists organization to ensure outreach and impact. Contact us now if you need support in reaching out to the media for your cause.

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Behavior Change & Advocacy Campaign Design

PCDC members are getting professional support in Planning, implementation, dissemination and impact evaluation of their advocacy and social mobilization campaigns. This includes Desk and Field Research, Planning and Implementation of Conferences, Seminars, Focus Group Discussions and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues, Newspaper and Magazine Articles, Broadcasting of Radio and TV Programmes/Messages, Mobilization through Social Media and Networks; and SMS based Information Dissemination Campaign. Contact us to discuss your campaign needs and how we can offer a solution.

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Give-Aways for Your Organization

Give-aways are an important part of organization’s branding & promotion strategy. PCDC is supporting its members in getting the best deals for high-impact gifts and presents, like Shields and Trophies, Caps, T-shirts, Badges, Pens & Office Stationary, Calendars, Planners, Key Chains, Desk Items (clocks, stationary set etc), Cups and Glasses, and Hundreds of other items.

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Internships in NGOs

Looking for short-term work experience in NGOs? – We have some exciting opportunities for you.

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