Transcend Boundaries

People-Powered Translation Solutions for Development Organizations

Why We are Different?

PCDC isn’t offering average translation services. With many pre-tested translators in almost every language in Pakistan, you’ll get careful, detailed translations at fractions of the price of a traditional agency. Now you can have reliable translations of your documents and communication products in many languages like English to Urdu, Urdu to English, English to Sindhi, English to Pashto and English to Balochi. Perhaps there are more languages that we can manage. Contact us to find out the complete range of languages.


While other translation rates are calculated per page or per hour, we make going cheap with low per-word prices and no minimum fees. The price you pay for translation is based on volume, so you can afford to translate anything and everything. We provide fast professional (human) translation by streamlining the translation process. A professional translator does 200 words/hour, 2000 words/day. We can split projects where needed to meet your deadline, and maintain high translation quality.

High-Quality at Low Rates

Our sophisticated processes for quality allow us to deliver top-notch human translation at world-beating prices. No other translation company can provide fast and high quality translation at a more competitive rate. Our professional team of translators fully understands local cultural and linguistic sensitivities. We can also provide a developmental context to your texts which would add more meanings to the original message. Hence we can guarantee an excellent transformation.

What We Can Translate?

Website Translation

Localizing website’s content expands your organization’s outreach and engagement with more stakeholders. Speaking native language will help you catch and keep the attention of local audiences. Website localization will help ensure that visitors have positive experience when interacting with your organizational vision, mission and activities. Having a fully localized website helps establish your organization’s credibility in the target markets. Quality multilingual content effectively reduces any reader’s misunderstandings and misrepresentation of your organization.

IEC Materials

Whether it is an advocacy campaign or social-mobilization initiative – local contents are essential for outreach, transparency and trust-building. PCDC can provide you upto the mark translations of all types of IEC materials that you have developed. We can enhance the impact of your IEC products like posters, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, stickers, banners, sign boards or even play cards. Our translators have the context and understanding to include development insights while changing the language platform.


At PCDC, our team of translation project managers work behind the scenes to guarantee every aspect of your project is completed efficiently and with high accuracy. Speeches are important for communication of your strategic messages at key occasions, celebrations, launchings, conferences or inaugurations. Let us have them translated before the event for media release, press kits, event folders or any other tool for outreach. A speech which is properly translated in local languages can enhances media coverage in local media manifold.

Policies & Procedures

It is useful to have organizational policies and procedures in local languages for development NGOs and projects. It improves compliance of organizational policies by the staff and creates greater understanding of its purpose. We can provide you best quality translations of organizational policies like Organizational Code of Conduct, Human Resource Policy, Finance Policy, Procurement Policy, Board & Governance Policy, Anti-Harassment Policy, Environment Policy, Safety & security Policy, IT Policy, Media Policy, Privacy Policy or any other policy.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+ Pages

Nowadays, social media is the most effective way to establish linkages and credibility with local audiences. Hence, it makes more sense to communicate in local languages. We can convert contents of your social media pages into easy to understand and captivating messages. Whether it is event announcements or reports – deep captions or survey statistics. We can translate them in many local languages. So if you wish to have more likes on Facebook or more followers on Twitter, the key is outreach in local languages.

Training Materials

Now you can have best quality translations of capacity-building and training materials in local languages. We have professional staff who can translate your training materials with 100% accuracy and reliability. By presenting ideas in local languages, you can establish a relationship of trust and communicate with confidence to local audiences. We can translate your training manuals, powerpoint slides, handouts, case studies, exercises, announcements, brochures, registration forms, name tags, banners, standees and everything related to a training event.

Books & Research Papers

Now you can have transformations of your books, research papers and academic articles through precise, correct and functional translations. We have team of professional translators that can take up urgent assignments. We can give you a translation speed of 200 words per hour. It means that we can translate around 2000 words per day per person. If you need more speed, we can distribute the document in several people to meet tight deadlines. So don’t worry – whatever the timeline is, we have the capability to meet it. Contact us to have your translations ready in no time.

Scripts of Documentaries, TV & Radio Programs, Theater

Our team of professional translators are capable of handling complex communication needs of your documentaries, TV & Radio programs, drama, animated movies, theater or any other creative output. We can provide you easy to understand and flowing translations of all types of scripts.

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