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Welcome to the Young Graduates Communication Training Workshop

For success in life, effective communication skills are extremely important. Particularly for young graduates like you, who are looking for a job, or an opportunity to prove your merits.

Join us to understand how you can develop your communication skills to gain maximum advantage in this increasingly competitive world. Learn how to polish your soft skills. See how you can present yourself like a true leader through CV, interview skills and writing abilities. Test your inter-personal communication talents to find areas of improvements.

This one-day, fast-paced training workshop will teach you unique things about successful communications in real life situations. 


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Based on participatory learning approaches, this training would introduce advanced-level principles and applications of communication.

Techniques to be used;

  • Presentations – activities conducted by the facilitator to convey information, theories, or principles
  • Brainstorming – collective thinking on important issues
  • Case Study Scenarios – written descriptions of real-life situations used for analysis and discussion
  • Role-Plays – two or more individuals enacting parts in scenarios as related to a training topic
  • Simulations – enactments of real-life situations; and
  • Group Discussion – participants sharing experiences and ideas or solving a problem together
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Training Fee

Participation fee is Five Thousand Rupees only +taxes per person (5000 PKR).

Discounts are available at the following rates.

  • 5% for 2 persons from an organization
  • 8 % for 3 persons from an organization.
  • 10% for 4 persons from an organization.
  • 12% for 5 or more persons from an organization.
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